The Marquess of Queensberry is a main character in Mike Tyson Mysteries. Marquess (Pronounced "Marcus") is based off of John Douglas, the 9th Marquess of Queensberry.

History Edit

Marquess was born on July 20, 1844, possibly in England. Originally a husband, and father to a son named Lord Alfred "Bosie" Douglas, Marquess exposed his son's romantic relationship to poet Oscar Wilde, which resulted in the latter receiving two years of hard labour. His shame in his actions causes Marquess to travel back in time to reconcile with Alfred, to which he, in tears, emotionally forgives him. Afterwards, Marquess apologizes to Wilde who, despite being unpleased by Marquesses' presence, likely forgives him.

Appearance Edit

As common among stereotypical ghosts, Marquess' attire, complexion, and hair color and completely white. Having been born in the nineteenth century, Marquess dresses very formally, always dressed in a suit and top hat. He is tall with a lean, but well-built physique, along with glasses and a mustache.


Marquess is perhaps the most honest, polite, courteous, well-mannered and compassionate member of the Mystery Team. Marquess is also homosexual and very effeminate, in addition to being easily anxious, agitated and somewhat cowardly in stressful situations.

Marquess could be considered the antithesis to Pigeon: Marquess is proper, polite, and considerate of others, while Pigeon is vulgar, rude, sarcastic and enjoys mocking others and making crude jokes. As a result of their contradicting personalities, Marquess is frequently a target of Pigeon's sarcastic and sadistic jokes, which involve mocking him for his sexuality and effeminate interests.

Marquess has demonstrated numerous unhealthy habits, including chain-smoking cigarettes and alchoholism, which he has failed to overcome and is very self-conscience about.

Trivia Edit

  • He is Jewish.
  • He is the ghost of John Douglas, 9th Marquess of Queensberry.
  • The Marquess portion of his name is pronounced "Marcus" and rendered as if it is his actual name, instead of a title.
  • It is revealed in "My Favorite Mystery", that Marquess has claustrophobia.
  • Despite initially appearing to be homosexual, it is revealed that Marquess originally had a relationship with a woman, which resulted in the birth of his son, Alfred. This shows that Marquess is likely either bisexual or has lost interest in women over the years.