Sandra Sanchez is the ex-wife of Richard, otherwise known as Pigeon. A maid of Cormac McCarthy reminds Pigeon of Sandra, leading to him drinking heavily and accidentally destroying the Pulizer Prize medal of McCarthy's.

Sandra Sanchez makes her official debut in the episode Ogopogo! Sandra wanted to sell their old house but needed Richard's signature in order to make it official. Pigeon initially refused due to his resentment of her turning him into a pigeon and denouncing god for allowing her to do so. When the rest of the Mike Tyson mystery team meet Sandra, it was revealed that because of Richard's antics, she prayed to god to show her the real Richard. As a result, he was changed into a Pigeon. Pigeon ultimately comes around and joins the team at his old residence and goes upstairs to confront Sandra and they end up having sex. The next morning, Pigeon says he plans to leave the team and stay with Sandra. Before anything can become official, Sandra prays to god about Pigeon although the latter still dismisses it. She asks god to turn her into a pigeon too, much to Pigeon's annoyance because he wanted to be human again. Sandra is then eaten by Ogopogo, the lake monster. With Sandra dead, Pigeon will most likely stay a pigeon forever.

Sandra is voiced by Ariane Price.

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