Yung Hee Tyson is Mike Tyson's adoptive daughter and a member of the Mike Tyson Mystery team.

History Edit

Yung Hee was born on December 20, 1998 to a family of Korean descent. It is unknown if she was born in Korea or the United States. As a baby, Yung was left on Mike Tyson's doorstep for unknown reasons. Mike decides to adopt her, and she would be raised alongside Marquess and Pigeon in Las Vegas. Mike mentions that their first mystery involved Yung choosing a turkey for Thanksgiving in the Oval Office as a toddler.

Appearence Edit

Yung is a young asian woman with a thin physique, relatively short stature, short black hair and large glasses. Like her father, she wears a tracksuit with a question mark stylized on the left side of her chest. When asked why her suit was pink, Mike replies with his belief that all girls like pink. Pigeon considers her sexually attractive.


Yung Hee is level-headed, intelligent, and driven. She exhibits patience with her dad's strange nature at times and can be independent when needed. She is however still a bit naïve about relationships, even gaining a crush on Pigeon after seeing a picture of his human form.

Much like Marquess, Yung genuinely despises Pigeon's behavior, especially for the sexual advances he attempts to make on her.

Trivia Edit

  • She is the only main character on the show to be female.
  • She was adopted.
  • She is left-handed.
  • She was home schooled by Mike.
  • A running gag on the show is people mistaking Yung Hee for a boy, when really she is a girl.
  • It is revealed in "Unsolved Situations", that she was born in 1998.